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Gait Analysis

NoblePro Specialist Elite Treadmill

We offer a full fitting service be it for your shoes or just as important if you’re a woman, your running bra!

Our 4 Step Fitting Process

1. We begin by discussing your running needs, goals and history. Getting to know what sort of running you do, what you’re looking to achieve over the next 12 months and the types of niggles and injuries you’ve suffered in the past lets us get a better understanding of what type of shoes will suit you best.

2. Next, we’ll take a look at your feet, looking for any features that may point towards you requiring a specific shoe type, be it a broad foot, low arch, flexible or stiff feet.


3. Now we’ll put you into a neutral shoe to perform a video gait analysis, using our NoblePro Treadmill.

4. After the gait analysis and with what we’ve discussed, we’ll bring out a range of shoes that will be suitable for your feet and running style. If you need a support shoe we’ll check this again with a video analysis to ensure it’s giving you the correct level of support.

5. But then the choice is up to you, we want you to feel comfortable, happy and confident in the shoes you choose to run in.

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About NoblePro

NoblePro Treadmills are at the cutting edge of fitness tech. Their aim is to provide high-quality, modular and affordable treadmills, reimagining your running indoors.

At Made to Run, we’re excited to be partnered with Noble Pro and to offer our customers an amazing discount on the NoblePro treadmills we use daily in our Store.

Matt has used the NoblePro Treadmill to train for a number of his marathons, finding them to be a great running surface and helping him keep his training going no matter what the weather has been outside

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